Webwire: UK allocates fiber funds; Telenor targets Asian growth

The UK government has divided up a £114 million (€142 million) fund that will be allocated to ten cities to build superfast fiber broadband networks. London will take the biggest share of the cash - £25 million.
Norway's Telenor will rely on its Asian operations to meet ambitious growth targets for the next three years, the company has revealed in presentations to investors.
NTT DoCoMo, Fujitsu and Swedish eye tracking technology developer Tobii have joined forces to develop a tablet with an eye-driven user interface.
A US anti-Wi-Fi activist has lost a $1 million (€770,877) lawsuit alleging that Wi-Fi signals from his neighbors' house caused him suffering from electromagnetic stimulus. The judge overseeing the case ruled that no scientific study has proved any adverse health effects from EMF.
The US FTC expects to complete its probe into Google – and whether the company uses its search dominance to impede competitors - by the end of the year.
ZTE has joined Firefox developer Mozilla's efforts to develop a mobile operating system (OS) to challenge Android. The companies plan to release the OS in the December quarter.
China Unicom is expanding into the Canadian market, with the aim of providing a backbone between the nations, as well as services to Canadian companies with a Chinese presence and vice versa.