Webwire: UK lags on cyber protection; Danish retailer punts gold phone

A think-tank accuses the UK government of failing to adequately protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, and also criticized the preparedness of the private companies that own assets including power and water systems.
Danish retailer Aesir has developed an 18-carat gold mobile phone. The $57,400 (€41,589) handset, which lacks any extra applications such as email or GPS, will be marketed to Russia's nouveau riche.
Qualcomm is partnering with Microsoft to provide its Snapdragon chipsets for the first generation of Windows 8 PCs
Facebook now favors delaying any IPO until at least September 2012 to maintain its focus on product developments, sources claim.
Motorola Mobility chief Sanjay Jha will be eligible for a $66 million (€47.8 million) golden parachute payment – $13.2 million of which is in cash - if Google succeeds in acquiring the company.
Up to 150 brick and mortar retailers attended a demonstration of a new payment system from PayPal that doesn’t require upgrades to in-store equipment.
Saudi Telecom and rival Mobily have launched competing LTE services. The operators together capture around 80% of Saudi Arabia's mobile subscribers.