Webwire: UK tabloid falls amid hack scandal; US ISPs clamp down on piracy

News International has pulled the plug on British tabloid newspaper News of The World, following fresh allegations of mobile phone hacking by journalists – including into the voicemail of a murdered schoolgirl.
Major US ISPs - including AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast and Verizon – have agreed to implement a six-stage graduated response to user piracy, including “mitigation measures” for repeat offenders that can be as severe as a block on web access.
LG Electronics has cut its 2011 smartphone sales targets from 30 million to 24 million and warned it can't predict when a run of losses at its phone unit will be reversed. Overall handset sales targets have been slashed from 150 million to 114 million
Sources say Apple has reduced the cost of advertising on its iAd service, halving the minimum spend and offering cut-price packages, in a bid to lure back advertisers turned off by the costs and catch up to rivals such as AdMob.
eBay will pay $240 million (€168 million) in cash to buy mobile payment company Zong, and will use the acquired assets to add carrier billing capabilities to PayPal.
The number of downloads through Apple's App Store has hit 15 billion, up by a billion from early June. The number of iOS devices in the market now stands at 200 million.