Webwire: US targets Apple e-book pricing; NFC transactions set to treble

The US Justice Department is threatening to sue Apple and the nation's five biggest book publishers over allegations they have fixed the price of e-books.
Juniper Research predicts the global value of NFC transactions will treble to $74 billion (€55.9 billion) by 2015.
Google’s Chrome browser was the first to fall to hackers in an annual Web browser security contest.
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh in the US have demonstrated a way of transmitting data in the terahertz range using frequency combs, an innovation that could result in the development of wireless technologies over 1,000 times faster than today's networks.
US cable company Comcast has rejected the prospect of forging a deal to offer Netflix to its subscribers, throwing a spanner into the works of Netflix's plan to seek partnerships with cablecos.
A US bankruptcy judge has barred Apple from pursuing an existing patent infringement case against Eastman Kodak Co, or from filing new legal claims, while bankrupt Kodak looks for a buyer for its patent portfolio.