Webwire: Vivendi bullish on 2011 performance; LimeWire settle piracy suit

Vivendi predicts full year earnings will exceed €3 billion, after profit surged from €589 million in 1Q10 to €1.73 billion in 1Q11. Earnings were boosted by a €1.2 billion windfall from resolving a battle with Deutsche Telekom in Poland.
LimeWire has agreed to pay $105 million (€73.2 million) to settle a copyright infringement lawsuit from 13 record companies – a far cry from the up to $75 trillion that record companies had estimated they were owed.
AT&T has agreed to pay Deutsche Telekom $6 billion (€4.1 billion) in assets, services and cash to cover break-up costs if regulators reject its $39 billion take over of T-Mobile USA
Guangdong Nortel Telecommunications Equipment will adopt Ericsson’s brand after the European vendor completed a $50 million (€34.8 million) acquisition of Nortel’s stake in the joint venture company.
Trade group Business Software Alliance has estimated that $58.8 billion (€41 billion) worth of software was pirated last year, with BRIC countries accounting for more than half of the calculated losses.