Webwire: Vodafone monitors web; Facebook offers counseling

Vodafone UK customers accuse the firm of spying on their web usage using technology from web filtering firm BlueCoat, after uncovering a system that mimicked their URL choices.
Facebook adds suicide watch, in talks with Skype
Social network Facebook is adding a feature allowing users to report suicidal friends, to address concerns site administrators have done little to prevent past suicides.
Separately, sources say the firm is back in talks with Skype over introducing web video calls to the site.
Strong device sales in February boosted HTC’s revenues 212% year-on-year to NT$32.1 billion (€784 million), however the figure was down 7.4% on January.
North Korea is reportedly jamming GPS signals in South Korea, in a possible attempt to disrupt mobile phones and satellite-guided missiles in the nation.
Mobile operator Vodafone is calling on India’s government to ditch recommendations from telecoms regulator Trai that would increase the value of 2G spectrum six times.

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