Webwire: YouTube blocked in Russia; Mozilla increases Android appeal

Russian officials have blamed a technical glitch for the appearance of Google's YouTube on the country's internet blacklist for around an hour yesterday. They insist they have no plans to ban the video sharing site.
Mozilla Foundation has tweaked Firefox for Android to work on around 250 million more smartphones in use, by making the code compatible with the older ARM6 architecture.
Microsoft stands to make $94 billion (€72.9 billion) through 2017 from XBox consoles, Surface tablets and other devices alleged to infringe on Motorola Mobility wireless patents, a Motorola expert witness claimed on the last day of testimony in the high-stakes US patent lawsuit between Google and MS.
Apple is challenging a motion from Samsung to compel it to share its patent licensing agreement with HTC, claiming Samsung has already agreed to receive a redacted copy. The copy Apple did send was cut down to just 33 visible words.
US security researchers are objecting after a man was convicted of hacking AT&T's website to mine email addresses of iPad users. They argue that the method the hacker used is little different to visiting a public website, due to the insecure way AT&T had been generating URLs from ICC-IDs.