What will drive the connected car market?

The wireless industry is seemingly full ideas for the next "billion-dollar opportunity." Think of the Internet of Things, mobile wallets and payments, cloud computing and so forth. One of the most appealing has been the connected car. However, the connected car, despite all the hype, is still a somewhat nebulous concept. Wireless operators have talked up the benefits of bringing cellular connectivity into the car as if it were self-evident that consumers would not only find connected car services useful but would be willing to pay for them. Yet there still has not been a great deal of explanation of what a consumer can actually do in a connected car environment. Thus, FierceWireless canvassed a wide range of players in the connected car market--from carriers to carmakers, components suppliers and analysts--to find the most popular current uses cases and applications for the connected car as well as what will be coming down the pike in the next few years. Find out more in this special report.