Where does Europe go in 2011?

Paul RassmusenHaving been through a surprisingly buoyant and very changeable 2010, looking ahead over the next 12 months could see something similar.

Ignoring the rumbling that continues with the stability of the euro, albeit critical to the success of Europe, the future for the cell phone business within the EU and neighbouring countries looks equally as hectic and exciting as during the past year.

However, before again risking my neck and venturing what I believe the next 12 months might bring, perhaps I should rate myself against the predictions I made this time last year: Click here to see how I did with my predictions for 2010.

Moving on to 2011. Again I've tried to stay away from "iPhone continues to be success" forecasts--I could be wrong on this one, but I somehow doubt it, and I'm looking to be a bit more adventurous.

Check out my predictions for 2011.


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