Wikipedia founder plans to give away free software

The founder of Wikipedia announced that he planned to give more online power to the people by providing free software and hosting services for collaborative Web sites, an AFP report said.

The AFP report quoted Jimmy Wales as saying that the free service dubbed 'would go live shortly' to give anyone the ability to build Web sites devoted to shared interests.

OpenServing computers would host the Web sites, the AFP report said.

Web site creators will get to keep all the advertising revenues, 'providing a whole new world of entrepreneurial business models to bloggers and Web site owners,' according to a release from Wales's company Wikia.

The Web sites would be built as 'wikis,' which means their content could be edited or changed by visitors in the communal style used at Wikipedia, a popular, multi-language online encyclopedia refined by those that use it.

'Social change has accelerated beyond the original Wikipedia concept of six years ago,' Wales said in a release.

The six 'pillars' of Wikia's OpenServing were listed as free software, bandwidth, storage, computing power, online content, and 'giving away' the ad revenue to those who create online community Web sites, the AFP report further said.