World Cup blog in China draws millions of hits

Beijing blogger and podcaster Dong Lu registered his 10 millionth hit last week, racing to the landmark on the back of China's obsession with the World Cup, a Reuters report said.

The report said the 36-year-old's irreverent take on soccer's showpiece, produced with the help of three friends in the living room of his apartment on the northeast outskirts of Beijing, had proved hugely popular with China's online audience.

Sporting a multi-colored Afro wig and a fake mustache, Dong presents a podcast every other day featuring caricatures of leading players, parodies of the many soccer-themed adverts on Chinese television and the occasional song, the report said.

"We do it for fun, out of passion for football," Dong, looking suitably bleary-eyed after another all-night session in front the TV watching the action from Germany, told Reuters.

Dong was no media outsider, however. He covered the 2002 World Cup as a journalist and still found time for his day job as a columnist with a weekly sports paper, the report said.

Some had suggested the reason for the enormous popularity of sport and showbiz blogs in China was they allowed people to talk freely, the report added.