THE WRAP: Google's Chrome takes a shine to the PC OS

This week Google took aim at Microsoft’ OS business while the Department of Justice launched a competition probe into US carriers.

Google said its Chrome browser would become a PC operating system, based on open source and operating out of the cloud. Google Apps came out of beta
The Indian government raised its 3G auction target to €4.9 billon (US$7 billion).

Ericsson signed €1.2 billion (US$1.7 billion) in frame agreements with China Mobile and China Unicom.
The Department of Justice launched an initial probe into the US carrier sector, looking for possible abuse of market power.
Nortel’s bondholders vowed to a legal battle to stop the company from being broken up. Nokia Siemens is winding up in-house mobile Wimax in favor of LTE. 
US and South Korean government websites came under attack
South Koreans blamed North Korea for the DDOS attacks, which were described as unsophisticated and fairly small scale.
A planned upgrade of the US government’s IT security project, called Einstein, is sparking privacy concerns.
BT dumped contentious customer profiling firm Phorm, though it said it hadn’t given up on “interest-based advertising.” New York’s attorney-general sued social networking site “for deceptive email marketing practices and invasion of privacy,”
Samsung raised its quarterly guidance, while Gartner cut its world IT and telecom forecast, tipping a 6% fall in spending
Cisco is about to send routers into geostationary orbit, the first step in the Internet Routers In Space (IRIS) scheme to improve off-Earth communications.
TelstraClear abandoned Telecom NZ to sign a new MVNO deal with Vodafone.
BlackBerry App World has doubled the number of apps on sale since launch three months ago.
A Russian computer programmer working for Goldman Sachs was arrested and charged with stealing the bank’s source code for making high-volume stock trades.
EMC finally nailed Data Domain for €1.5 billion (US$2.1 billion.) Businesses are unimpressed by the SaaS experience, a survey found.
iPhone 3GS users complained about the short battery life of Apple’s latest device.
The new head of British spy agency MI6 was outed by his wife’s Facebook postings. Space trading game Eve Online lost a large chunk of its deposits in a run on the bank after a staffer stole billions in virtual currency
And a Frenchman who downloaded music tracks, 426 movies and 16 full TV-series was given a two-month suspended jail sentence and fined $46,200 after police stumbled on his digital hoard.