Yahoo attracts more US-based newspapers

Yahoo has added 17 more newspapers to its group of online publishing partners, giving the group added heft as it approaches its one-year anniversary, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report quoted Yahoo executives as saying that The Columbus Dispatch and 16 regional newspapers owned by The New York Times have joined the consortium, bringing its total number to about 415 dailies and another 140 weeklies.

The New York Times itself, however, hasn't joined, the Associated Press report said.

The report further Lem Lloyd, who runs the consortium for Yahoo, as saying that the partnership has already been bearing fruit both for newspaper publishers as well as Yahoo, but he declined to provide specific dollar figures.

The first goal was to integrate the online help-wanted classified advertising listing of newspapers with Yahoo's online job search database HotJobs. Lloyd said that has been proceeding on schedule, with some 377 papers already launched and others on the way.

The report further said for newspapers, linking their online recruitment ads with HotJobs is seen as a way to hold on to more advertising dollars amid competition from internet rivals like Craigslist.