Yahoo keen on LBS market: Bartz

Yahoo has stated it is very interested in the blossoming LBS market, but is keeping quiet on its possible interest in Foursquare Media.
Recent media reports have speculated that Yahoo is in talks to acquire the LBS startup for up to $100 million (€75.5 million).
While CEO Carol Bartz would not comment on the rumours during a press conference covered by Reuters, said the location-based market was “very interesting.”
“We're always interested in acquisitions on any of these things,” she added.
She also would not be drawn on the amount Yahoo would be prepared to spend for an LBS company, instead stating she was confident the firm would regain some of the market share held by Google in the search engine wars this quarter.
She said Yahoo and Google are neck and neck in terms of the number of users they can potentially reach, with Yahoo making up for Google's dominance at the desktop by seeking deals with carriers and handset makers.