Yahoo loses Vodafone exclusivity

Vodafone has announced its exclusive sales agreement with Yahoo will not be renewed when the two-year deal ends next month. The company has confirmed it will pursue a strategy of operating a number of mobile sales channels as it looks to grow its advertising revenues from as many partners as possible.

The new arrangement, which will not exclude Vodafone from continuing to work with Yahoo, comes after months of speculation the deal between the two firms was coming to an end. "We might collaborate but Yahoo won't have exclusivity," said a Vodafone spokesman, adding that it had no plans for an in-house sales team.

This move will be seen as a blow to Yahoo given that it only launched a new version of Yahoo Mobile in February which brought together its range of mobile services. However, rumours that the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch are to gain a Yahoo Messenger application will boost the company's sagging morale.

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