ZTE plans new European network center

Chinese equipment vendor ZTE is pumping €10 million into a new European regional Network Operation Center (NOC) covering fixed and mobile networks, which will come online in June.

The center in Hungary will provide capacity of up to 600 square meters, and be capable of hosting 100 workplaces and managing 40,000 network elements once completed within the next three years. ZTE claims the site will boost its overall delivery capacity in Europe, and offer a range of management services to telcos including customer service, network monitoring and performance optimization, fault handling, and spare parts management centers.

Zhu Jinyun, ZTE’s senior vice president, says the site is an important step up for the firm. “The NOC is a major new investment and an important milestone to strengthen the company’s regional presence and to serve out European partners at the highest level.”

ZTE is currently on a push in Europe, with details of the new NOC revealed a day after the firm won a €56.8 million deal to deploy UMTS and LTE base stations for Hi3G Sweden.