Celona lands Stanford Health Care for CBRS neutral host service

Celona announced Stanford Health Care (SHC) will use its newly launched CBRS-based private wireless and neutral host connectivity service.

The service will provide in-building public cellular coverage for T-Mobile subscribers as well as private cellular network connectivity and mobility services for the health center.

SHC initially will implement Celona’s private wireless and neutral host services across four buildings, including a hospital facility and three medical offices. If all goes well, more SHC locations may be added in the future.  

Specifically, Stanford Health Care’s new private wireless infrastructure will be based on Celona’s 4G/5G CBRS radio access network technology integrated into SHC’s existing IP network and connected to Celona’s cloud-based Multi-Operator Exchange Network (MOXN) service.

According to Celona, this approach to in-building coverage gives organizations more control over the user experience. All mobile subscriber connections are automatically aggregated and directed through a single tunnel to the mobile network operator core, thereby guaranteeing the user experience.

Initially, the solution will provide T-Mobile service, but Celona is in talks with the other big national operators to get them on board.

“We are proud to collaborate with Stanford Health Care to redefine mobile experience within healthcare,” said Rajeev Shah, co-founder and CEO of Celona, in a statement. “Our 5G LAN solution, combined with the cloud-based MOXN technology, will reshape in-building wireless economics through shared infrastructure, ultimately advancing the future of healthcare connectivity.”

Besides healthcare environments, Celona is targeting large retailers, offices, hotels, manufacturing operations and universities with its CBRS private wireless and neutral host system. Celona is responsible for ensuring the services operate properly, including E-911 services, so if something goes wrong, the customer calls Celona.