The Five Nine Podcast: Paul Savill of Kyndryl on the promise of private wireless networks

With an estimated market value of $1.45 billion in 2021, the private networks market is on track to exceed a value of $41.8 billion by 2030. And it’s not hard to understand why. Industry 4.0 has increased our dependency on specialized local area networks, particularly as many industries are adopting industrial robotics and sensor-based technologies to enhance production and optimize processes. Seamless, secure, and reliable connectivity lies at the heart of these technologies, and as the evolution of 5G continues, we are poised to see many more industries deploy private wireless solutions. 

Kyndryl has been a strong proponent of private wireless networks, looking to partner with leading enterprises around the globe to power up their connectivity solutions and private networks. From manufacturing plants to large industry, ports and mines, Kyndryl believes in the power of cellular networks to drive efficiency, profitability and even worker safety.

Paul Savill, Global Practice Leader for Networking and Edge Compute at Kyndryl, joins The Five Nine Podcast to discuss, at length, the opportunity and the benefits that private networks are already bringing to enterprise. One example is Kyndryl’s deployment with Dow Chemical. Encompassing a large, complex industrial setting, a private cellular network was the right solution to connect the site, track chemicals and goods, streamline maintenance orders and move the site from the analog to the connected. All in 12 months from concept to full-scale deployment.

During the interview, Paul also reviews the current state of spectrum and its importance in future deployments, as well as security, edge compute and 6G.