News of Note—Verizon’s Infosys guarantee, DT’s 5G plans, DoCoMo’s retinal-scanning investment and more

news of note

Here are some other stories we’re following today:

> Verizon said it will now offer severance or guarantee two years of comparable pay for employees who are transferring to India’s Infosys. The Wall Street Journal article

> The FCC announced it will use an outside consultant, David Sibley, to help with its review of the Sprint and T-Mobile merger. article

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> Japan’s DoCoMo said it invested in QD Laser which in part makes retinal-scanning laser eyewear. Release

> Deutsche Telekom in Germany said it would deploy 5G to 99% of the country’s population by 2025. Mobile World Live article

> The Justice Department's top antitrust lawyer said Time Warner's general counsel threatened to "employ personal attacks" if the agency attempted to block Time Warner’s merger with AT&T. Reuters article


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It looks as though the T-Mobile/Sprint merger could cross the finish line as early as tomorrow.

The order sets a deadline of June 30, 2021.

Representatives from Verizon held conference calls urging the FCC to consider licensing part of the 6 GHz band.