2013 Wireless industry nightmares

Today is Halloween, so it's time to pull out your costumes, light up your jack-o-lanterns, turn on a horror movie or two--and of course, go trick-or-treating (either by yourself or… with your kids).

It's also time to take a light-hearted break from the third-quarter earnings season rush: Just like we did in 2012 and 2011, FierceWireless in 2013 has taken a look inside the minds of some of the industry's top executives to see what really scares them. These nightmares are scenarios that could plausibly come to pass within the next year.

Looking back at our nightmares from 2012, some of our imagined nightmares decidedly did not come to life. Leap Wireless (NASDAQ:LEAP) did indeed find a buyer in AT&T (NYSE:T). On the other hand, our nightmare scenario for BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) CEO Thorsten Heins was that carriers would choose Windows Phone 8 over BlackBerry 10--something that appeared to be borne out in the second quarter.

So read on to find out this year's batch of executive nightmares. And take note of the number of jack-o-lanterns--the more pumpkins, the more nightmarish the scenario.

Also, to be clear, we are not predicting that these scenarios will happen, only that they could happen. Some are certainly more plausible than others. These are worst-case scenarios--hence, they are nightmares.

And feel free to comment with your own wireless nightmares. --Phil

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tim cook

Everyone realizes the iPhone 5c is actually just the iPhone 5 in a colored plastic case

samsung jk shin No one buys Samsung's Galaxy Gear, because it's not as cool as Dick Tracy's watch
dan hesse sprint All of Sprint's websites and customer service support get turned into Japanese
john legere tmobile The board fires Legere for excessive profanity (or maybe just takes away his Twitter account)
fcc tom wheeler The FCC fails to persuade broadcasters to give up their spectrum
ergen dish network No one wants to buy Dish's spectrum, forcing the company to actually build a wireless network
nokia stephen elop Elop is passed over for Microsoft CEO spot
blackberry thorsten heins Mike Lazaridis takes back his old job as CEO
verizon lowell mcadam U.S. wireless industry slows down significantly
AT&T RAndall stephenson The Department of Justice and FCC reject AT&T's Leap Wireless acquisition


2013 Wireless industry nightmares

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