2014 Wireless industry nightmares

By Phil Goldstein

Halloween is fast approaching. It's a time of year when the spooky and supernatural get more attention than usual; and, if you're given to frights at things that go bump in the night, it can also be a time when nightmares flourish.

Thus, just as we did in 2013, 2012 and 2011, FierceWireless in 2014 is taking a look inside the minds of some of the industry's top executives to see what really scares them.

Looking back at our list of 2013 nightmares, some of them decidedly never came to pass: All of Sprint's (NYSE: S) websites and customer service support did not get turned into Japanese, and T-Mobile US' (NYSE:TMUS) board did not fire CEO John Legere or take away his Twitter feed for his excessive use of profanity (he's still going strong on that front). But other nightmares did indeed happen: Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) passed over executive Stephen Elop for its CEO spot.

Let's take a look at this year's batch of executive nightmares. And take note of the number of jack-o-lanterns--the more pumpkins, the more nightmarish the scenario. Also, don't forget to check out FierceTelecom's own wireline nightmares list for more terror.

To be clear, we are not predicting that these scenarios will happen, only that they could happen. Some are certainly more plausible than others. These are worst-case scenarios--hence, they are nightmares.

And feel free to comment with your own wireless nightmares.

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2014 Wireless industry nightmares