8 rising stars in mobile app development

Mobile development is a fiercely competitive club. There are different platforms to consider, different business models to test, problems with gaining visibility when starting out, and a slew of other challenges. Success is similarly difficult to measure. There are the bigger players such as Electronic Arts and Capcom, which have built on their success by designing games for other platforms. And there are companies like Rovio Mobile, Zynga and Zeptolab that have succeeded after the rapid success of one game (Angry BirdsFarmVille and Cut the Rope, respectively). And there's the rare, publicly traded mobile development company like Glu Mobile.

These companies are the current ringleaders in the mobile app market. But they are constantly being challenged by an up-and-coming slew of developers anxious to stomp out a position in what is still a very nascent industry. So which of these challengers is the one to watch?

FierceDeveloper takes a look at some of the rising stars who just might join the ranks of the other mobile powerhouses.