Fixed-mobile convergence, M&A drive European wireless transformation in 2014: Year in Review

By Anne Morris

What a year this has been. The last 12 months have been a rollercoaster ride for Europe's mobile industry, which witnessed a number of events that changed the landscape of the sector and will have significant repercussions for the years ahead.

It hasn't been easy to pick out the most important news events of the year, as there have been several. However, some trends that first became evident last year have gained momentum this year, and new developments have also established a basis for what may happen in 2015.

In this overview of 2014, we have focused on five key trends: fixed-mobile convergence and quad-play; mergers and acquisitions; "5G;" connected cars; and the resurgence of European device manufacturers. The reasons for focusing on these five areas and the news that shaped them are probably obvious to anyone who has been following the industry closely this year.

Both FMC and M&A are fundamentally changing the mobile landscape, while connected cars represents an important new market for mobile operators seeking new revenue streams and a way into the "Internet of Things." On the devices side, European device vendors are rising from the ashes as smaller companies are beginning to challenge market leaders Samsung Electronics and Apple. And in networks, as operators continue to roll out LTE and LTE Advanced networks the industry as a whole is already giving a great deal of its attention to the next generation: 5G.

We hope you enjoy our summary of some of this year's key events and why we think they have been significant. Have a wonderful and restful festive period--see you next year! And don't forget to check out the FierceWireless 2014 Year in Review, FierceTelecom 2014 Year in Review, FierceOnlineVideo 2014 Year in Review, and the FierceCable 2014 Year in Review.--Anne

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Fixed-mobile convergence, M&A drive European wireless transformation in 2014: Year in Review