Out of Work in Wireless

Wireless companies are fighting to stay alive during this severe economic downturn. For many the only way to survive is to cut employees. To gauge how severe the economic crisis is on wireless firms, FierceWireless is keeping a tally of all the layoffs companies have announced from fourth quarter 2008 until now.  Here's our list:

Nov. 4: Nokia to cut 600 jobs by Jan. 1.

Nov. 10: Nortel posts $3.41B loss, will cut 1,300 jobs.

Nov. 11: Nokia Siemens cuts 9,000 workers or 10 to 15 percent of its global workforce.

Nov. 18: Virgin Mobile USA lays off 10 percent of its workforce, or 45 positions.

Nov. 21:  Palm lays off about 10 percent of its workforce, or 1,050 employees.

Nov. 25: Ericsson to shut down U.S. R&D facility. 250 employees cut.

Dec. 4: AT&T announced plans to reduce about 12,000 jobs--roughly 4 percent of its total workforce.

Dec. 12: Alcatel-Lucent said d it would slice 1,000 management positions and 5,000 contracting jobs on top of the 16,500 positions the company has already said it would lop off by the end of 2009.  Total cut: 22,500

Jan. 14: Motorola to cut 4,000 more jobs amid drop in sales.

Jan. 21: Ericsson says it will lay off 5,000 employees.

Jan. 23: Microsoft slashes jobs, many will impact mobile. 5,000 employees cut

Jan. 26: Sprint to more cuts. 8,000 jobs

Jan. 26  Motoral cuts Windows jobs. 77 jobs.

Jan. 27: Texas Instraments lays off 3,400 employees.

Jan. 30: Sierra cuts 10% of its workforce. 56 employees.

Feb. 2: Kyocera reorganizes handsets div. Cuts 360 jobs.

Feb. 11: Nokia to slash R&D jobs amid weak sales. 320 jobs cut

Feb 25: Nortel Networks will cut jobs as it continues to reorganize under bankruptcy protection. 3,200 jobs

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