The top 5 wireless ads: T-Mobile outspent AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in TV advertisements in July

FierceWireless has partnered with TV advertising measurement firm to bring you a monthly snapshot of the wireless industry's advertising spending.

In July, the nation's wireless carriers spent an estimated $183.4 million on TV advertising, down $450,000 from June. T-Mobile led the way with 23.2 percent of that total, taking over the lead held by AT&T in June. T-Mobile's spending was spread across 12 different ads shown a total of around 6,000 times.

But AT&T came in a close second with 21.2 percent of July's spending. AT&T's spending was spread across 14 ads shown a total of around 10,000 times. Verizon Wireless came in third with 19.8 percent of the total; Verizon was third in June also.

Here is a breakdown of how much each carrier spent to show TV ads during July:

Although T-Mobile spent the most money during July on TV advertisements, Verizon spent the most on any single ad. Verizon spent $21.4 million across a range of channels and TV programs during July to show its "Magnificent Geese" spot. Sprint's "Followers" ad followed with $20.5 million, and T-Mobile's "Mobile Without Borders" was third with $14.5 million.

Here are the top 5 ads for July in terms of total spending:

  1. Verizon "Magnificent Geese" ($21.4 million)

  2. Sprint "Followers" ($20.5 million)

  1. T-Mobile "Mobile Without Borders" ($14.5 million)

  1. AT&T "Life Simulator" ($14 million)

  2. T-Mobile "Never Settle for Verizon" ($12.3 million)

Almost $80 million of the spending by wireless carriers in July on TV advertisements went to the Big Four broadcast networks (Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC), with TNT breaking into the top 5 with $6.8 million.

And what TV shows did the nation's wireless carriers pay to put their advertisements into? That statistic generally tracks alongside the nation's most popular TV shows, but notable examples of the most popular TV shows among the CMOs at wireless carriers included America's Got Talent with $7.2 million in total spending by wireless carriers, followed by American Ninja Warrior with $5 million, and the 2015 MLB All-Star Game at $4.1 million.

To obtain its data, said its proprietary technology tracks TV commercials, movie trailers and show promotions across the top 111 networks in real-time. The company's software constantly watches these networks, using proprietary audio and video fingerprinting algorithms to automatically identify and extract TV commercials, movie trailers and show promos. On the digital screen, the company tracks 710.2 million explicit interactions with TV ads across 101.5 million unique consumers per month. These interactions include video plays, searches and social activity. The company also analyzes online views across YouTube and, searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and social activity on Facebook (including Facebook private) and Twitter. said it tags over 40 different dimensions of metadata, including brand, agency, actors, products, songs, moods, URLs and other pertinent data, to create its results.

The top 5 wireless ads: T-Mobile outspent AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in TV advertisements in July