The Essential Omnichannel: The Difference Between Thriving and Barely Surviving in Wireless

It’s not front page news; omnichannel has been revered by the retail industry as the game-changing process that will move your business from being an option to being the only option.

It’s not enough to have the right product at the right time; your customer demanda a more elevated experience, and your business needs to offer what the customers wants, when and where they want it – all while maintaining the experience loyal customers know and love about your store.

Omnichannel is essential to creating this experience. It’s also key to beating out the competition so that your customers see you as their go-to for all their wireless needs. And if your business isn’t keeping up with the new standard of retail, you could lose market share, yearly revenue, and loyal customers – and no one wants that!

But saying you need omnichannel and actually implementing it are two different things. New technologies affect your front and back-end staff by changing the way they get business done. They are working hard to ensure your customers are satisfied and that needs not be disrupted.

With a quicker move to omnichannel, the more money you keep on the table. But how do you know what omnichannel initiatives are right for you? We’ve broken down the latest in omnichannel that has been increasingly popular among wireless consumers.


These funny acronyms stand for 1) buy online, pick up in-store; 2) reserve online, pick up in-store; and 3) in-store pickup. They’re all methods of transactions that can make it easier for customers to shop with your store. Convenience is king – just think about how the Amazon Prime 2-day guarantee changed the shopping game. If you can offer shoppers what they’re looking for more effectively than the rest, your competition won’t stand a chance.

  1. Endless Aisle

This platform is essentially in-store e-commerce. Not an oxymoron, endless aisle solutions help customers find what they need even if it’s not physically in-store. Interactive touchscreens around your brick-and-mortar mean that shoppers can browse your full product catalog and make orders from that screen. Pair that with a drop shipping functionality and you’ve just locked in an incredible amount of otherwise lost sales.

  1. Store Shipping

Whether you want to ship from your store or ship store to store, omnichannel functionality is necessary for making it happen. “Ship from store” means that your shoppers can by online or from another retail location and their purchase is fulfilled from a warehouse or vendor. “Ship store to store” means sales associates can check inventory at other locations and have desired items sent to a store closest to the customer so that they don’t walk out empty-handed. Both of these methods mean complete satisfaction for every shopper’s every ask.

With the right retail software on your team, the transition from silo to streamlined is an easy one. Want to keep afloat against the rising tide of wireless retail competition? Omnichannel can be more than your life jacket; it can be the Olympic swim coach you need to optimize your team’s skills and glide past any and all stores who dare to get in your way. Get our free whitepaper on Why Omnichannel is Critically Important to Wireless Retailers.

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