How GenAI is rewriting the network operations rulebook

Over the past year, GenAI has emerged as arguably the hottest topic in the technology domain. In human history, no other technology has experienced anything close to its rapid adoption. Take ChatGPT for example, which within only five days from launch captured 1 million users. But it’s in the area of creating new content where GenAI has made the most significant impact on our daily lives, making it a catalyst for innovation in virtually every organization and industry.

In the telco industry specifically, GenAI’s potential to transform the CSP landscape is crystal clear. Just look at Vodafone and Microsoft’s strategic partnership, which will see Vodafone invest $1.5 billion to bring GenAI, digital services and the cloud to more than 300 million businesses and consumers. And while that’s a huge amount of money to splurge on a single partnership, it’s not difficult to see why.

Let me explain. While generalized GenAI models can be widely applied to generate business value, specific GenAI models are needed to address the needs and challenges of specific domains. So for telcos, they need models that are purpose-built for the telco domain.

Consider the case of a network issue impacting customer services. A specialized GenAI model, tailor-made for a telco’s infrastructure, would be designed to accurately assist in service resolution. Furthermore, it would be trained on vast amounts of telco-specific data, including service and network topologies, historical network configurations and maintenance records. This would not only enable it to identify the impacted services and their priority but also perform root cause analysis and recommend the best course of action, thereby significantly reducing time to repair and associated downtime, as well as enhancing service reliability for customers.

While this is only one example, it’s easy to see that with so much investment – and supporting a vast domain of use cases – these platforms are set to revolutionize our entire industry.

Your network operations copilot

One of the most important areas where CSPs are expected to apply GenAI is network operations. This is due to the exponential growth of network complexity, together with the transition to programmable, disaggregated and dynamic networks – all these factors are challenging the capacity of operations teams to effectively manage networks.

Already, CSPs have been progressively adopting AI-powered closed-loop automation, utilizing AI and ML technologies to derive insights from vast amounts of network data and translate them into actionable steps. And even though CSPs are evolving towards autonomous networks to achieve this, its GenAI that holds the key to accelerating the transformation.

But for this to work, you need to build trust. This means ensuring GenAI models are adequately trained with telco-specific data, fine-tuned, and validated by human experts. It’s a gradual process, whereby GenAI acts as a copilot, ultimately enabling network operations teams to gain the vital insights they need to manage growing network complexity.

Let’s delve deeper into how GenAI acts as a network operations copilot. Consider the following examples:

  1. Firstly, GenAI revolutionizes the way operations personnel navigate the vast sea of network data, transforming the interaction between humans and machines, dramatically enhancing the user experience.
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  2. Secondly, GenAI answers the more complex questions, those that need a mix of both structured and unstructured data insights pulled from various sources, and the wisdom of playbooks. It doesn’t just inform—it recommends, boosting the efficiency of operations teams.
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  3. Finally, GenAI executes complex instructions that require dynamic, state-of-the-network-tailored actions. By automating tasks, it transforms them into an essential asset that enhances the productivity of operations teams.
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Amdocs amAIz, a telco-grade GenAI, powering Amdocs End-to-End Service Orchestration

As AI continues to drive the evolution of our industry, the key for CSPs is to align themselves with partners who are equally committed to harnessing the technology to achieve their business’ full potential.

At Amdocs, in recognition of GenAI’s transformative impact, we’ve developed amAIz, a specialized GenAI platform tailored for telcos. Pre-integrated with our entire product portfolio, it’s designed to cater to a range of applications, from network operations to customer engagement, with a focus on responsible usage and maintaining trust. In network operations specifically, amAIz marks a significant advancement through its integration with Amdocs End-to-End Service Orchestration.

This integration of our established AI/ML capabilities with GenAI’s cutting-edge innovation truly marks the progression of network operations to the next level. The result is a telco-grade copilot, with the ability to support daily tasks and significantly improve both efficiency and productivity. Complementing this, our partnerships with leaders like NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure in developing large language models underscore our dedication to shaping the future of the industry with AI.

To see how Amdocs amAIz and Amdocs End-to-End Service Orchestration can serve as a crucial copilot to harness the power of GenAI in your network operations, visit Boost Your Telecom Business with Amdocs' amAIz Generative AI Platform and Empower Automation with End-to-End Service Orchestration on amdocs.com.

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