Sacramento has come to stand as an example of the complexities involved in actually getting 5G services turned on.

Sprint is now selling a “Sprint Drive” product that essentially plugs into a user’s car and supports a range of connected car services.

Bidders are getting ready to participate in the 28 GHz auction, which is due to kick off on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

A number of executives in the 3.5 GHz CBRS space are quietly worrying that the NTIA is taking too long to test elements in the technology.

SpaceX wants to lower the elevation of its constellation of non-geostationary satellites from 1,150 kilometers to a new altitude of 550 km.

Telecom operator Windstream said its fixed wireless effort will expand in a “meaningful” way next year.

FCL Tech wants to conduct an experiment in a low-altitude, controlled airborne environment in Southern California.  

Verizon will launch a new messaging service that will change how the operator handles application-to-person messaging.

One of the problems with defining 5G is there’s no single judge currently determining what is or isn’t 5G. Is it ITU’s job, or 3GPP’s?