The report predicts CBRS investments will account for more than a fifth of the U.S. small cell market.

BT is willing to give up the concessions model in the U.K. in the hope that other carriers will follow suit.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said that at its April 12 open meeting, the commission will consider a public notice on auction procedures.

The FCC’s Wednesday order spells out steps it’s taking to improve the accuracy of TV white space data and bring some certainty to the tech market.

Google is outlining ways in which it intends to make it easy for WISPs to get up and running with CBRS.

Rise Broadband is seeing progress in the TV white space (TVWS) arena as well as in the 60 GHz band to offer high broadband speeds to rural homes.

Discussions at MWC 2019 and LF Open Source Leadership Summit indicate containers and their use in 5G will require more exploration.

AT&T and Comcast have successfully completed a real-world call authentication test using the STIR/SHAKEN protocols.