The Leading Builders of America, which includes many of the nation’s largest homebuilders, has a keen interest in the 6 GHz band.

MobiledgeX is announcing several milestones, including the completion of what it describes as the first public mobile edge network deployment—with Deutsche…

AT&T has received the OK for tests at its lab in Austin, Texas, using a range of spectrum bands, including 3700-4200 MHz, 3400-3600 MHz and others.

A lot of vendors are working with Rakuten. Some of the key vendors include Intel, Quanta, Altiostar and Cisco.

Kaloom’s Cloud Edge Fabric is the first fully automated data center network fabric with native support for network slicing and 5G user plane function.

Vapor IO and its partners have launched the Kinetic Edge Alliance, an industry alliance focused on simplifying edge computing for the masses.

Ruckus Networks is offering up its new ICX 7850 switch, which is designed to serve as an edge-to-core solution for the next decade of enterprise networking.

Nokia is trying to make it easier for operators to get new business in vertical IoT markets.