ABI survey identifies top three femto developers

ABI Research has released details of the top three femtocell developers using an analytical tool to determine a clear understanding of each supplier's market focus. The company stated that Ubiquisys had been ranked at the top of the list, with Alcatel-Lucent and ip.access claiming the second and third spots.

According to London-based Stuart Carlaw, a VP and research director for ABI, the market continues to see manufacturers shuffle as early RFP and trial activity takes hold. "Interestingly, major players in this market such as Cisco, Motorola, NEC and Nokia are not represented in the measurement matrix as they are positioning themselves as complete solution providers and have chosen not to produce their own products but to partner instead with dedicated box vendors."

The femtocell vendors were assessed by ABI on parameters such as innovation and implementation across several criteria unique to each vendor matrix. To view a list of the top ten firms in this vendor matrix, visit Femtocell Vendor Matrix.

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