Accelleran forges a beachhead in TD-LTE small cells

Antwerp, Belgium-based Accelleran is building upon its founders' femtocell roots to claim a stake in what it expects will be a vibrant market for TD-LTE small cells. TD-LTE was previously only supported by traditional macrocell base stations, but the startup is hoping that by getting its small cell line out early it will gain an edge over larger vendors, according to GigaOM. Accelleran emerged from the old femtocell development team at Thomson/Technicolor and recently announced the M101, which it claims is the first small cell base station that has a dual transceiver and is optimized for the public access TD-LTE and TD-LTE-A segment. The small cell supports channel bandwidths up to 20 MHz for the main TDD bands, including the European 2.6 GHz TDD allocation; the 2.3 GHz band used in China, India and Australia; the 2.6 GHz TDD allocation in the United States and Japan; plus the so-called global bands at 3.5 GHz.  For more, see this GigaOM article.