Acer joins WiMax Open Patent Alliance; AlcaLu unveils 'Broadband for All' program

> Acer joined the Open Patent Alliance, a group dedicated to offering intellectual property rights solutions that support the development and widespread adoption of WiMAX. Release

> Alcatel-Lucent announced its 'Broadband for All' program in the United States, which provides advisory services to help telecommunications companies. Release

> In spite of the economic slowdown, mobile broadband adoption will continue to grow relentlessly across Europe, boosted by the introduction of 3G+ and 4G, expanding device selection and usability, and the gains mobile networks are making in affordability and pricing, according to a new report from Pyramid Research. Article

> Using technology developed by Nokia Siemens Network (NSN), the Finnish operator Elisa has demonstrated it's possible to double the voice capacity of 3G networks, while producing a 50 per cent boost in handset talk time. Article

And Finally... ESoles, which makes custom insoles for athletic shoes, has created prototype insoles with pressure sensors that relay their information wirelessly to a nearby cell phone. Then an application on the phone can tell the wearer how much pressure he or she is applying in 11 different zones of each sole. Article