AirMagnet shows multi-tasking sensored headline

AirMagnet is enhancing its support for Cisco APs in AirMagnet Enterprise 6. It is also offering multi-tasking sensors, simplifying set-up, and adding intelligence to spot new attacks. "You can now use Cisco APs as scanners," AirMagnet's Rich Mironov told Techworld. "That's a little less than a sensor, it is not a full-function analytical device, but the AP can become a full-time dedicated scanner on all channels." The company's probes are also integreated in other multi-radio APs, such as those offered by Xirrus and Colubris.

The new software allows sensors to block rogue APs while continuing to look for other trouble. The sensors are set up remotely by the AirMagnet server. "As each sensor is plugged in it will make DNS request to find server and get connected up," said Mironov. "That's not a big deal if you are putting twenty sensors out, but if you are putting 1,000 out on four continents, it's a big help."

For more on AirMagnet's new enhancements:
- see Peter Judge's Techworld report

PLUS: AirMagnet has added "Day Zero" alarms, prompting software to raise an alarm when an unusual traffic pattern indicates the network is under attack. This is especially effective against "phlooding attacks," which target central authentication servers. Release

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