ALSO NOTED: Cellular to WiFi roaming; Wi-FiTV; and much more...

> Aepona announced its solution for cellular to WiFi roaming, based on the 3GPP Voice Call Continuity (VCC) specifications. Report

> Kirtech is showing a new WiFiID system which combines RFID and WiFi aiming to be of help in tracking patients, doctors, expensive equipment or controlled drugs in hospitals in real time. Report

> Wi-FiTV got 7.5 million hits to its social Internet TV site in December and January. They have an interesting business model. Press release

>  Xirrus says it received high marks from the Tolly Group after the latter tested Xirrus's WiFi Array products. Report

And finally... The spirit of the 1960s lives: The Liberator is a glorified USB WiFI dongle that acts as a relay that makes a private network public. If you sit at your local Starbucks and you have a T-Mobile HotSpot data plan you can use the Liberator to share your Internet connection with the other users in the shop. We don't even know whether it's legal, but then, many things in the 1960s were not, and were still fun. Details

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