ALSO NOTED: Cohda begins Adelaide trial; Samsung's plasma TV has built-in WiFi; and much more...

> Cohda Wireless has begun a trial wireless deployment of the company's mobile broadband wireless technology in Adelaide. Report

> Kansas may not be leading the nation in WiFi deployments, but it is not as far behind other states as you would be led to believe. Report

> Samsung is to release a plasma TV with a built-in hard drive and a WiFi receiver (HP-TS064) in the coming CES 2007 show. Report

> Beceem Communications has completed certification by Microsoft for its chipsets running on PCs and laptops with the Windows operating system. Unstrung report

> We have reported that BT was interested in bidding on WiMAX-suitable spectrum OFCOM will be auctioning off. The question for Peter Judge is whether BT will be allowed to do so.

And finally... The ALF (Acoustic Liberation Front) strikes again:  Nutzipper, a Swedish clever hacker, claims to have successfully hacked not only the DRM scheme of the Zune, but also its WiFi-based music sharing aspects. The hacker's "Zukebox" allows a Zune owner to browse and download any songs from any other WiFi-enabled Zune's in a given area. It then strips the pilfered MP3s of their DRM restrictions. Report (By the way: There is no such thing as ALF; we have just invented it.)

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