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> David Burstein on the futre of DSL, cable, and everything in between. Interview

> SINE Networks selects Strix Systems for indoor/outdoor WiFi mesh access. Release

> PRISMIQ shows the PRISMIQ Mini-Fi, a WiFi compliant wireless USB2.0 adapter. Release

> PCTEL, Kyocera Wireless develop software for future 3G phones enabling IMS. Story

> Unstrung's Gabriel Brown says mobile WiMax will face a struggle. Story | Report

> Some, Brown among them, also say China's ZTE, already a leading WLL vendor in China, will likely be a dominant market force in WiMax. Website

> The future of WiMax. White Paper (pdf)

> UWB company Wisair is the first to introduce a WiMedia standard UWB chipset solution. Story

> The FCC has granted General Atomics approval for the company's Spectral Keying UWB radio solution. Report

> The total worth of the RFID industry is expected to grow from $1.95 billion in 2005 to about $26.9 billion in 2015. Report

> Reva System publishes open source RFID reader protocol. Release (pdf)

> Now Qualcomm is suing Broadcom (Broadcoam is already suing Qualcomm for patnet infringement). Story

And Finally... A St. Petersburg, Florida, man is facing stiff penalties for accessing someone's residential WiFi Internet connection while parked outside the victim's home. Story

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