ALSO NOTED: Freescale pulls out of UWB Forum ; More hotels offering WiFi; and much more...

> Freescale Semiconductor is pulling out of the UWB Forum, which it co-founded with Motorola and Pulse-Link. The forum was founded in 2004 in an effort to rally support around Freescale's direct-sequence UWB signaling and to compete with what has now become the WiMedia Alliance. Report

> More and more hotels now offer WiFi service. Beware: Many hotel networks come with but rudimentary security. Report

> Pittsburgh City Council considers city-wide WiFi. Article

> A community wireless hotspot is a nice idea, but it will not be applicable in the U.S. for at least a few more years, as mobile WiMAX will not arrive in the U.S. until 2008 at the earliest. Analysis

> Nortel bolsters WiMAX position with portfolio enhancements, new customers. Article

> Alcatel, Lucent and Redline Communications have submitted bids to build a fixed wireless high-speed broadband system in Malaysia (note that Alcatel and Lucent have announced merger plans). Report

And Finally... You are listening to music in one room of your house, say, the living room, but need to go the your study to do some work; but you want to continue to listen to same piece of music. You can spend thousands of dollars wiring your house for music-in-every-room, or you can do it on the cheap by buying this WiFi system from Sonos. Specs

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