ALSO NOTED: WiFi phones infringe on some consumer rights; Cricket team gets Skype-phone; and much more...

> Alexandria, VA is expanding WiFi network citywide. Report

> This interesting analysis from Jakarta, Indonesia, says that WiFi or no WiFi, cabling is still growing in importance.

> Are you accompanying the English cricket team on its tour in India? Now you can call home on Netgear's Skype-certified WiFi phone to commiserate about the team's performance. Report

> WiFi phones are convenient, but as a customer walks down the street and piggy-backs on the AP of that block's residents, some of these residents opine that this is a violation of their rights. Report

And finally... OK, there are no free lunches, but the New York Times' Matt Richtel, discussing WiFi phones, says that the air is free, and "Sometimes so are the phone calls that borrow it."