Android is 'primary platform' for most pro developers, study shows

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Android represents the top platform for mobile developers, according to a new report from market research firm VisionMobile. 

VisionMobile's "State of the Developer Nation Q3 2016 Report" of more than 16,500 developers globally found that a plurality of mobile developers ranked Android as their primary platform.

The report showed that 47 percent of mobile developers named Android as their primary platform, up 7 percentage points in the past six months. In contrast, 31 percent said they considered iOS their primary platform, down 8 percentage points from six months ago.

In addition, the report indicated that Android boasts a 79 percent mindshare among mobile developers – a new record for any platform measured, according to VisionMobile.

  • 41 percent of developers said they are involved in data science or machine learning.
  • 36 percent of developers noted they use C#.
  • Nearly 23 percent of developers pointed out they are involved in augmented reality or virtual reality development.

What factors are driving Android's popularity among mobile developers?

Mobile advertising platform provider InMobi Insights noted Android offers availability across different operating systems, quick, easy access to testing devices and a lower payment barrier to get an app onto the Google Play Store as compared to Apple's App Store.

Furthermore, an InMobi Insights survey of more than 1,000 app developers, released earlier this year, revealed Android was the top platform used by developers.

"On a global level, Android is by far the most popular platform among developers," InMobi Insights wrote in its report. 

The survey also indicated Android serves as an exceedingly popular entry-level platform for developers to experiment and learn. 

"App developers who enter this business primarily adopt the Android OS as it is an is an open source platform and provides numerous functionalities and benefits for developers. Once they gain foothold, they start embracing other platforms," InMobi Insights pointed out. 

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