Anite says its CEM handset app digs deeper into network KPIs

Anite's Nemo CEM Observer is taking a deeper approach to customer-experience management by providing diagnostics at the drive-test level via an application that runs on a subscriber's mobile device. The company said the CEM monitoring solution provides engineering-level visibility to mobile network data to help detect root causes of customer experience issues that are typically caused by the network.

"The CEM Observer will provide you a very detailed snapshot from the subscriber's terminal with in-depth information about the radio KPIs (key performance indicators) together with the signaling. Based on that data you can really dig into troubleshooting and optimization tasks," Kai Ojala, CTO at Anite Network Testing, told FierceWirelessTech.

He noted Anite's previous CEM monitoring solution provided more superficial data, while the Nemo CEM Observer goes much deeper to address all aspects of quality of experience and provide "real-time mobile service monitoring from the customer's perspective."

The company said subscriber perceived data or voice service failures can be caused by network parameters in Layer 3 or below. In this case, an application could look like it is functioning, yet the end-user may be unhappy with the service.

Ojala said CEM Observer's handset application provides constant background monitoring, enabling an operator to collect relevant data from the app as needed to assess a problem in the network.

He noted that as customers increasingly use their devices indoors, handset-based monitoring grows crucial to providing quality of experience (QoE) data. "You cannot go everywhere with the traditional, heavy kits, so now [monitoring] in the back pocket of the subscriber and if there's some problem in the network, you can collect" the necessary data," Ojala added.  

Nemo CEM Observer can be used in conjunction with Anite's post-processing tool, Nemo Analyze, to analyze and visualize collected data.

In 2006, handset test vendor Anite bought Nemo Technologies from Elektrobit Group, gaining Nemo's network testing expertise.

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