Apple reports strong quarter; Qualcomm postpones release of earnings pending Broadcom negotiations

> Apple reported a quarter that exceeded many analysts' predictions, and sales of its much-ballyhooed iPhone gadget remained white-hot; the company reported selling 3.8 million iPhones during the past three months, generating $1.5 billion in revenues. Article

> Qualcomm postponed the release of its fiscal year second-quarter earnings report pending negotiations with arch-rival Broadcom, which Qualcomm described as "a global settlement of all disputes between the parties." Article

> Some 200 remote farms in the Northern Icelandic region of Skagafjordur now have broadband internet access following the deployment of a meshnetwork from US based Firetide. Article

> Clearwire is reportedly in discussions with one of six mobile WiMAX licensees in Taiwan to create a strategic alliance. The move would result in Clearwire taking an equity stake in Global Mobile. Article

> Trapeze Networks has released an enhanced version of its 802.11-based wireless location and asset tracking software. Article

> Although said to have corrected failings with its previous offer, TeliaSonera has announced the relaunch of its UMA service with the addition of "free calls"--in fact a chargeable package for calls made from within the home. Article

And Finally... Following a series of simulations and a technical trial in Europe, Vodafone claims metro femtocells could provide a good answer to supplementing LTE coverage. Article