AT&T CTO: Data traffic is slowing

AT&T (NYSE:T) CTO John Donovan said that the estimated growth in data traffic on the operator's mobile network has slowed, but it still has grown more than 3,000 percent during the past three years.

Donovan, speaking to an audience of developers at the Sencha Conference in San Francisco, said the volume of mobile data traffic grew from more than 1 billion megabytes in the third quarter of 2007 to about 30.3 billion megabytes in the third quarter of 2010. However, this explosive growth rate of some 30 times is now down from three-year growth of about 50 times earlier this year, he indicated.

"If you look in absolute numbers, it's still a tremendous growth rate," Donovan said. He said the change is due to the rather large volume of traffic and the natural inability to continue to grow at dramatic rates.

Donovan also said that 88 percent of AT&T's network has been upgraded to HSPA+.

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