AT&T taps Austin Spectrum Lab for NFV/SDN, 5G; Qualcomm names new CIO

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> Orange has made a pretty strong commitment to LoRa, one of a crop of low-power, wide-area (or LPWA) network technologies, but it might not last for the long haul at Orange. Light Reading article

> In an unassuming building in Austin, Texas, AT&T engineers can recreate virtually any network condition in the high-tech Austin Spectrum Lab, which will also serve as ground-zero for the carrier's upcoming trials of 5G. RCR Wireless article

> Nokia Technologies announced the European launch of its OZO professional VR camera. Release 

> Qualcomm named technology-industry veteran Mary Gendron as its new chief information officer. Wall Street Journal article

> Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive of Twitter, confirmed in an interview with the "Today" show that the company will keep tweets at 140 characters. New York Times article

> The FBI is warning consumers that wireless support and other systems in new cars make them vulnerable to cybersecurity troublemakers. Network World article

> Sources claim government goes after source code on a regular basis. Extreme Tech article

And finally… VR will make working from home cooler than ever. Article