Bango aims to help monetize content consumed via WiFi

Mobile payment company Bango announced WiFi-enabled operator billing for smartphones, enabling operators and content providers to monetize content customers buy while using WiFi connections.

Earlier this month, Bango issued a report indicating that more than 20 percent of people visiting sites to purchase content using their mobile phones are now connecting via WiFi. It said WiFi presents a major challenge to both content providers and operators as these mobile visitors are unrecognized by the networks, making it difficult to sell and market mobile services to them and significantly impacting mobile content revenues.

As such, Bango is introducing WiFi on-bill payment, a solution that delivers the optimal operator on-bill payment experience to every mobile phone, even when the consumer is connected via WiFi.

Previously, smartphone users were redirected to credit card payment options instead of placing charges on their phone bill, leading to lost sales and lower conversion rates, Bango said.

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