Boingo becomes Wi-Fi provider for Dallas airport

Boingo Wireless has taken over management of existing Wi-Fi infrastructure at Dallas Love Field and will install, manage and operate neutral-host Wi-Fi and DAS networks in conjunction with the Love Field Modernization Program.

The Dallas Morning News reported that initial Wi-Fi service is available in the airport's new ticketing hall that opened on Nov. 1, but Boingo said enhanced wireless services will not become available until the remodeled airport complex opens in the first quarter of 2013. The vendor intends to continue rolling out upgraded Wi-Fi and DAS services through 2014 as the Love Field revitalization is completed.

Boingo will offer a tiered Wi-Fi service, providing short-term Wi-Fi access for free to casual users who are willing to watch a short ad in exchange for not paying for online service and a revenue-generating premium service for customers who require additional time or bandwidth. Boingo charges $9.95 per month and also offers pay-as-you-go plans.

"Airports such as Love Field benefit from this kind of hybrid network by offering complimentary Wi-Fi while retaining a revenue stream from premium services that helps offset the increasing costs of upgrading the network and bandwidth to accommodate burgeoning demand," Boingo stated in a release.

The company and Love Field intend to collaborate on free-to-consumer services, and the airport will gain access to Boingo's new custom content portal, which will offer travelers a selection of online content, movies, shopping, games and other online services that can be enjoyed without a purchase of Wi-Fi service.

In April, AT&T (NYSE:T) announced it had won a contract to supply an ad-supported Wi-Fi network at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. That network began operating in September, according to an airport spokesman.

Boingo, through its Concourse Communications Group subsidiary, operates Wi-Fi and/or cellular DAS networks at at more than 60 of the world's most highly trafficked airports as well as other venues such as airports, major sporting arenas, malls, convention centers, restaurants and retail establishments.

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