Bountiful WiFi shows range-enhancing AP

Woods Cross, Utah-based Bountiful WiFi (yes, this is the company's name; its motto is: "Abundant and Constant") is showing a new AP which, the company claims, doubles or even quadruples the range offered by available WiFi gear. Bountiful WiFi CEO, David Egbert, used to work for Corco which, three years ago, developed a stand-alone WiFi signal booster for Linksys. When Cisco acquired Linksys two years ago,the boosting idea was dropped, so Egbert decided to pick it up in his new start-up. Bountiful relies on an 802.11g chipset from Atheros as the basis of a router which will "put out as much power as the FCC will allow," Egbert told Unstrung. "As much power" means  close to 30 dBm gain, which, in turn, means that the Bountiful router should have a range of about 1,000 feet. This is enough power, the company says, to cover a two-floor office. The system also has sensitive receivers, allowing a linear radio amplifier to perform well in obstacle-rich environments.

Other companies have also recently released products which enhance the range and reach of WiFi networks, among them Meru Networks and Xirrus.

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