BPL deployed in an Israeli resort

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about the growing interest in broadband over powerlines (BPL). We also noted that since the development and implementation of the technology very much depend on the utilities, and since the utilities typically move to adopt new businesses at a pace relative to which a Galapagos Islands tortoise would appear to be moving at a break-neck speed, then BPL may take some time to arrive.

If Israeli company MainNet Communications has anything to say about it, though, BPL would move faster. The company has just announced that the Meridien Hotel in the southern resort city of Eilat has selected MainNet's Plus system and Gugi Communication's integration services to offer their guests broadband services anywhere in the hotel's facilities and areas.

MainNet's Plus solution turns any electrical outlet into a broadband AP. The hotel has already installed a WiFi in the hotel's service cabinets, and was seeking to simplify connectivity between each of these WiFi demarcation points and the communications server center. The hotel management says it chose MainNet's broadband powerline solution because it allowed it to connect its system's WiFi units without the need for any new wiring infrastructure.

Ophir Shachar, Gugi Communication's CEO, said: "MainNet's Intelligent Broadband Communications Plus solution seems to be the only available solution in the market today that truly does not require re-wiring or any complex configurations...These unique features make MainNet's BPL/PLC the most cost effective solution to fit into any working environment. We are now looking forward to new projects and making our mark in the MxU marketplace offering broadband communications over existing power grids."

For more on MainNet's BPL implementation:
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