Brattle Group proposes spectrum-based fee for federal users; Verizon details new advertising, multicast business models in patent applications

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> Economists at the Brattle Group proposed a spectrum-based fee as an incentive to make federal users allocate spectrum more efficiently. Release

> Fibertech snapped up a fiber-based small cell network build. Article

> Lufthansa launched inflight mobile phone and data service with AeroMobile. Article

> Beacon company Solomo Technology launched version 2.0 of its smart location platform. Release

> Oceus and Space Data filed results of their LTE high-altitude balloon test with the FCC. File

> Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Juniper edge routers will benefit from wireless backhaul growth, said Dell'Oro. Article

> AT&T is the latest affiliate sponsor of NYU Wireless. Release

> Verizon detailed new advertising and multicast business models in patent applications. Article

And finally… A would-be burglar was apparently scared off by an animated singing fish. Article