Cheyenne's city-wide WiMAX public works network

Cheyenne, WY, calls itself the Magic City of the Plains. Perhaps. We note that Excelsio Communications and BIG Wireless use gear from WiMAX pioneer Alvarion to deploy a city-wide wireless broadband network. The network aims to support the communication needs of several public safety and public works departments in the city. The combined fixed and mobile network uses Alvarion's BreezeACCESS 4900, operating in 4.9 GHz for multipoint backhaul, and BreezeACCESS 900, operating in 900 MHz, to allow city workers mobile access in their vehicles, including connecting their WiFi-enabled PDAs.

Theresa Snyder, Cheyenne's CIO, does not mince words: "Our rather ambitious goal for this first phase was to offer the broadest range of services of any municipal wireless broadband network in North America." With the launch of the network, Cheyenne's municipal services now include centralized control of about 100 traffic lights, on-line processing for expedited building permits, access to GIS maps and data for firefighters and utility workers, and online parking tickets. The network also provides public broadband access and online community services in parks, city pools and malls, and mobile access for more than 80 city police and firefighters in vehicles.

Fore more on Alvarion's Cheyenne deployment:
- see this press release

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