China Mobile taps Huawei for 4.5G D-MIMO deployment

China Mobile recently worked with Huawei to introduce a key 4.5G technology D-MIMO (Distributed MIMO) on the commercial 4G network at the Bund in Shanghai, a famous scenic spot that features ultra-high traffic density and wireless network coverage difficulties.

As Huawei described it, this user-centric network experience is a breakthrough compared with the traditional base-station-centric network construction systems. It can re-direct interference to useful signals, effectively resolving the challenge of insufficient network capacity among Shanghai's densely populated urban areas.

An onsite test using commercial mobile phones indicated that the cell capacity reached 140 Mbps. The single-user experience rate reached 15 Mbps, representing an increase of 80 percent, even at the cell edge where signals are typically the weakest. Release