Clearwire offers $50 gift cards; Verizon updates LTE technical specs

> Clearwire is offering customers $50 gift cards if they sign up for its mobile WiMAX service before Dec. 31. The gift card can be used to purchase a Clear USB Modem, which Clearwire sells for $50. It appears to be Clearwire's way of offering a subsidy without really offering a subsidy since it's business model calls for unsubsidized equipment. Plus, the company has promised big numbers for the fourth quarter. Article

> In comments to the FCC, both CTIA and wireless carriers marshaled arguments that TV broadcasters could do with less spectrum, and that underutilized spectrum should be reallocated for wireless broadband use. Article

> Verizon Wireless said it updated the technical specifications for its LTE network, giving developers access to the new specs ahead of the company's LTE network rollout next year. Article

> Despite a poor worldwide economy, demand for smartphones, regular phones, and wireless broadband services continues to drive the base station market, according to In-Stat. The number of newly deployed macro cellular base stations will grow over 10% in 2009. Article

> Telefónica SA confirmed that it's buying VoIP services and applications specialist Jajah for $208 million in cash. Article

>  Chinese vendor ZTE has won a 3G mobile infrastructure deal with European operator KPN Telecom. Article

And Finally... A Georgia man trying to get revenge on his estranged girlfriend by firebombing her home was being held without bond after he threw the device into the wrong house. Article

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